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Acupuncture, what to expect and how it works

What to expect in a treatment

Being both a qualified Remedial Massage therapist as well as an Acupuncturist - the treatments I can provide will generally involve both Acupuncture and massage combined into one treatment.

Acupuncture points are selected locally (near the site of pain) and distally,

either on the legs or arms.

The needles stay in place for about 20 minutes, and at times a TENS machine may be used to apply a small current to the area.

Acupuncture works to help the underlying causes of the pain and helps the body with the inflammation. Massage may then be used to release the tension and stretch out the muscles that are restricting movement in the body.

Specialised techniques such as cupping or moxibustion can be used for treatment of back pain. (In my practice I use glass suction cups instead of flame cups).

Cupping can be done on dry skin with no oil or If oil is used the cup can be slid along the muscles to help mobilise blood flow to promote healing.

This method helps with chronic non specific pain from lack of movement (if you sit at a desk for long periods or drive for a living)

Moxibustion is used to put heat into a body (great for fertility). It can be either burnt on the end of a needle, called indirect moxa or placed on the skin with usually a slice of ginger between the skin and the moxa to prevent the skin from burning. This is called direct moxa.

How does Acupunture work with different types of back pain?

Acupuncture classifies back pain as acute or chronic with acute pain grouped as either caused by trauma or invasion of "wind cold".

Acute back pain caused by trauma (sudden injury/strain), you would feel this as intense fixed pain with stiffness pressure. Movement would exasperate the pain and resting would feel better.

"Invasion of cold" would feel worse with rest (after lying in bed all night) and feels better with movement (gentle stretching) and heat being applied (a balm/cream or hot pack). Your back would feel heavy and cold weather would make it feel worse.

Chronic pain is pain that has been more than 3 months.This type of pain is from a deficiency in Shen. The Shen is responsible for the growth and development of bones and it is also where our bodies base energy is stored. The Shen is weakened by ageing, illnesses, overwork, poor sleep or weak constitution.

Generally in the clinic I see people that are between the acute and chronic stage of pain, this is where you have tried to put up with the pain in hope it will just go away usually after over exertion.

Unsure if acupuncture is what you require, I offer a free pain assesment.

If you are interested in treatment for yourself or know of someone that would benefit you can always call on 02 53106259, or drop in at 301 Anson St Orange NSW to ask any questions.

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