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Sore feet? Why you need to check your big toe mobility and what to look for.

The big toe - could it be your Achilles heel.

Alright so that perhaps isn’t very funny, but the bend you have or don’t have in your big toe as you walk can make one hell of a difference.

Poor mobility of the big toe can cause a chain of events that affect the foot , the ankle, the knee, the hip,the low back and beyond.

Why and how you ask?

In this video I try to show you some of the changes that happen in your foot if you have limitation in your big toes ability to bend.

I also touch on some of the things you can do to improve the mobility or to keep it.

Footwear is a big issue for a lot of us - and the shape of your shoe can have a big impact.

As you can see from the demonstration in the video - if your big toe angles in like the front of some shoes make your toes do - then you lose a whole chunk of your motion.

Something to think about when picking your next shoe.

Try it out for yourself - it may make you rethink what you put on your feet.



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