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“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”
– Buddha

Remedial 1

Remedial/Deep Massage in Orange NSW

This is massage for people in Orange NSW who are after a specific result. It is used to reduce pain, increase range of motion and to prevent further injury. Excellent to recover from sports or impact injury, injury prevention and to help with deep seated tension. An Assessment is done initially and periodically throughout the treatment plan.  


How is it performed

Techniques used vary from patient to patient - muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue are massaged usually with oil using kneading, longitudinal gliding, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, trigger point therapy and cross fibre friction. 


Remedial Massage is designed to promote muscle balance, reduce muscle stress and tension increase flexibility and promote blood circulation in tissues as well as the lymphatic system to help remove adhesions and damaged cells. Remedial Massage can help address a wide range of issues in the body that cause pain such as; tendonitis, bursitis or fibrosis, soreness from exercise, injuries or targeted pain, and sciatica. 


Why it works so well

I will use different manual techniques to help the body realign, remedial massage helps stimulate healing processes in the body. Remedial Massage aids in returning the body to its optimal health by increasing blood flow to an injury site, helps break down scar tissue, and helps the lymphatic system drain assisting with swelling and waste products (byproduct of energy usage). Remedial massage helps release tension on the joints and nerve tissue so it can help with postural imbalances and movement imbalances.

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Myofascia - Not sure what it is?

Myofascia surrounds and covers muscles, bones and compartmentalises body.

Fascia has a strong and flexible tensile capability. It looks like a spider web that covers our whole body with no beginning or ending. With this in mind when fascia is damaged in an area it can develop issues in another area of the body.

Fascia is generally relaxed and soft, it can stretch and move without restriction, when you have experienced inflammation or trauma such as whiplash, surgery, even poor posture then fascia becomes restricted.

Fascia helps hold posture, helps move the body and gives us strength and ability to absorb excessive stresses.

When injured the fascia can create issues like;

  • Headaches

  • Muscle Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Recurring injuries

  • chronic neck and back pain

  • pins and needles

Listed are some main causes of tight fascia.

  • Inflammation

  • trauma

  • injuries such as RSI

  • poor posture

  • lack of stretching

  • emotional stress


How is the treatment different between myofascia and Remedial Massage

Myofascia treatment is performed through clothing and is gentle sustained pressure that loosens the fibres by staying at the barrier of resistance. It can take a while to sink into the fascia (up to 5 minutes) and to break down the adhesions and restore correct motion.  Massage is usually with oil and uses quicker pressure.  Rachael works on both therapies in her rooms at Body & Spine Solutions in Orange NSW

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Massage during pregnancies can help relieve many discomforts that are commonly experienced such as;

  • Backaches

  • Headaches

  • Oedema

  • Sciatica

  • Sore feet and ankles

  • Leg cramps


During pregnancies some women can be uncomfortable or the changes in hormones can be stressful, how that stress is managed can reflect on the womens health and the health of the baby. Massage is a fantastic way to manage this stress and help the body ease into the pregnancy. It does this by helping the body relax and restore the nervous system. Pregnancy massage helps eliminate toxins by increasing the lymphatic drainage - added benefit is this also helps with fatigue. Massages increase blood circulation which increase oxygen and nutrients and helps remove waste from tissues. This treatment will also relieve muscle tension, cramps, knots, spasms from the legs, lower back, neck and buttocks. 


How is this different to regular massages?

The biggest difference is as the baby develops positioning changes for the mum to be. During pregnancies some trigger points are not used and I have patients lying on their side using pillows as wedges to support the body. This is recognised as the most beneficial for the growing baby and this position helps with lower back discomfort

The root of all health is in the brain. 

The trunk of it is in emotion. 

The branches and leaves are the body. 

The flower of health blooms

when all parts work together.

- Kurdish folk wisdom


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Pregnancy Massage in Orange NSW


Relaxation Massage in Orange NSW

Relaxation massage is all about unwinding from the stress you are facing. It involves longer gliding movements that are flowing the pressure will be deep but no pain. It is not designed to deal with chronic issues or pain. The benefits of relaxation massage is the lowering of blood pressure, improvement to skin tone and circulation. 


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