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Our Services & fee Schedule

We have several practitioners with different services available.

Descriptions are available for Chirpopractic, Acupuncture and Massage  -

for other services or enquiries please call or send us an email via our contact page

chiropractic services
Chiropractic fees

There has been an increase in trend towards packaged plans in our health industry - but we do not work that way.  Your continued care is based on your individual progress and not a predetermined length of time or number of visits. The costs and descriptions of your visits are outlined below


Your Initial Visit $120

Your Initial Consult is aimed at finding out the best way that we can help you. It will include a detailed assessment of your injury or complaint, an explanation of what we find and what the typical management of your condition involves.

Typically during your visit you will receive hands on treatment and home advice to speed up your recovery.

We know that by the end of your visit you want to know - what is going on, how serious it is, what may have caused it, what have you been doing that is making it worse - and importantly what do you need to get it better and how long does that typically take.

Whilst we dont have a crystal ball - our decades of experience allows us to guide you through these concerns and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Your Second Visit $92

This extended follow up visit allows us to gauge your progress, reassess for any changes and to fine tune your at home advice and management strategies depending on how you have responded.

Its also a good time to review any questions you may have and of course continue with your treatment.

Treatment strategies used typically incorporate a mixture of soft tissue work, adjustments (manual adjustments, drop table and/ or Impulse styles depending on condition) , exercise and posture advice and other simple strategies that may help you improve faster. 

Standard Chiropractic Visit $70

Once we have established what needs to be done your typical standard chiropractic visit will be utilised. This is typically 15 minutes and allows for a progress check, treatment and review or update of any suggestions or exercises. 

Unlike some offices - treatments are provided in private consultation rooms with one on one attention.

Extended Chiropractic Visit $92

Extended consults are sometimes required for complex issues or injuries that involve multiple areas. These are up to 30 minutes - providing the time needed to fully address these type of cases.

Extended visits are also used for returning clients with new injuries that need to be assessed, or in cases where exercises need to be reviewed or more complex movement or performance assessments are needed.

If you are unsure if you need this type of visit just call the office prior to booking and discuss - otherwise we will typically let you know at your prior visit. 

Acupuncture and Massage services

Massage and Acupuncture Combo $120

This Mix and Match allows you to benefit from both massage and acupuncture in the one one hour visit . The best of both worlds. 

Clinical Massage or Acupuncture:

1 hour $120 (note: all initial visits are 1 hour)

45 minutes $100

30 minutes $80

All initial visits are 1 hour in duration and are $120.

This ensures that Rachael is able to take a history and target the areas needed as well as provide tailored home advice and care suggestions. 

Future visits can then be shorter if required. 

For Acupuncture - typically after the initial - visits may be either 30 minutes or 45 minutes duration - this can be discussed as part of ongoing recommendations. 

Pregnancy Massage 

Rachael has extensive experience in providing pregnancy massage. The costs are as per normal massage and acupuncture fees listed above. 

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