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Did you make a New year’s Resolution towards being more physically active?

Firstly, I must say congratulations!

You are far more likely to be successful in achieving your goal by just setting a goal believe it or not. If you haven’t and you want to, there are many Goal Setting approaches out there on the web. The "SMART" goal Setting approach is probably the most well-known and easy to complete but I'll leave that up to you.

For some of you, there may already be a few aches or niggles, and the lucky ones may be powering through towards achieving their goals.

Either way, if you are still feeling your best or need a “tune up”, we have a few tools and strategies to help you to achieve your goals. Many of you will know these but here’s a recap of a couple of important ones.

Sports/Remedial Massage and Myotherapy

Every elite level athletics coach I have been involved with has recommended massage to be part of a training program. Within my experience of Rugby League, I know the same to be true. It is a staple of every athlete and person who wants to be active and feel good during the process. From dedicated sports and remedial massage to keep your body performing at a top-quality training level, to myotherapy where we go deeper into the causes of pain, dysfunction and injury with more detailed assessment and treatment technique, we have you covered.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS): Now this is Pretty New!

“This is the Ideal Moment” if you’re starting an exercise regime.

We need to Move Well before we Move Often.

In other words, if our quality of movement in an activity is poor due to some fundamental movement pattern problem, you could be building your health goals on a very shaky platform. As a Functional Movement Screen Certified Professional I can lead you through this process, detail any places you may need to improve upon and give you some simple corrective strategies to give you the best opportunity to move well. Build a strong foundation of great movement and reap the rewards.

A Final Word....

Remember that fitness and goal setting is much more about consistency than brilliance. You don't need to train every day but I find if you have a program designed to incorporate some "active recovery" days rather than just "rest" you will be much more likely to make your training a habit. You would of course adjust your other days' higher training intensities where needed to manage the "load" on your body.


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