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Mineral number 2 Chromium


Chromium is found in Brewers Yeast (add a tablespoon to your muesli or smoothie), broccoli, free range eggs, corn, sweet potato, grass feed beef, liver, lobster and oats.

What does Chromium help with?

Chromium helps the utilisation of carbohydrates, protein and fatty acids in our diet and is essential for a healthy metabolism. It helps regulate blood sugar levels and transports glucose into cells by insulin, for this reason chromium is important for those looking to loose weight and lowering their risk of diabetes. Chromium helps with lowering total serum cholesterol, stress, infertility and low sperm count.Chromium helps with production of serotonin

What inceases demand?

Ageing, high intake of processed foods, hypergycaemia, diabetes, oestrogen terapy, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy and strenuous exercice

What drugs interact with Chromium

Corticosteroids increase the secretion of chromium

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