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Why are my ankles so fat

The answer could be CANKLES!

The reason we have a lack of definition in the shape of our ankles is because of the excessive retention of fluids in our body. The ankles, which are the most pronounced are due to gravity

(The fluid gathers at the low point).

There are a few things going on here.

One of the first things to think about is diet.

Salt makes us retain fluid, the more salt you eat the more fluid you retain. Additionally the quality and the complexity of the salt affects fluid retention. The more complex the salt is the less harmful it is. For example Rock, Sea and most vegetable salts are superior to NCL ( Table salt ). They are more complex and have a better balance of sodium and potassium.

The body responds to a Sodium and Potassium balance to balance out the the bodies fluids. More Sodium = more fluid retained. Therefore we need to cut down on your salt intake or at least use a better salt, it's a start.

If you are already doing this you need to remember that salt can be hidden in most processed foods so it is best to be careful and check out salt levels as this could affect Kidney functions.

Secondly the thing that you can do is MOVE!!

The more you move the more your fluids are pushed around the body helping the balance. Moving helps everything.

If you would like to know more please call 5310 6259 to make an appointment to see me on Tuesday's and Saturdays.

Thank you

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