}, How to fix your Dickie Knee
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October 18, 2018

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Runners knee or that Dickie knee 


As a few of my clients know that I have been training to run in the Orange running festival at the end of February, first goal is the 5 km run. Apart of getting into the spirit of the running festival we decided to make February the month we discuss all things running.  I have been chatting to everyone about there running experiences and most have discussed how they stay in form, their techniques, equipment (especially the gadgets) and of course injuries and how they overcome them and continued to reach their goals.


There are several common complaints that are prone to runners and one is runners knee.


This is pain at the front of the knee radiating from the kneecap (patella). The pain can either be sharp, dull , chronic or sudden. It is also possible to disappear whilst running but start again once the body has cooled down.


Other symptoms


You may also feel that the knee will give out, steps and hilly ground can also irritate the condition. Clicking or cracking sounds from knee. Knee becomes uncomfortable when sitting for long periods (driving and desk work).


Why does it occur?


When running the kneecap rests on the thigh bone causing irritation, the cartilage from behind the kneecap can be worn down or totally worn away. This irritation creates inflammation. Why would this occur? Usually the source of the prob