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Hunched Posture? Here is one way to help.

Today we show you how to get your mid back moving.

Stiffness in the thoracic spine creates more stress in the neck and in the low back - as well as typically creating the rolled forward shoulder position.

With the shoulders rolled forward we end up tighter in the chest and prone to more shoulder and neck aches - so i think this simple exercise is great.

Although the video shows how to do this with a foam roller - if you are particularly sensitive or very limited in motion - you could try this over a folded up or rolled up towel.

Think of this exercise as slowly introducing movement to the region rather than trying to ram motion into the area - its safer and more effective in the long term.

Whilst generally safe - this exercise is not for everyone - so if in doubt - get yourself checked out.

As with all of our Move Better Monday videos if you like it share it - or like our facebook page or instagram page to see all of our new videos as they come out.

Thanks - and enjoy

Andrew and the team at Body and Spine Solutions Orange.

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