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Sit to Stand

Move Better Mondays:

We all wish that we could move better or know that we should move more. It makes us feel good, it improves our mental state, decreases our stress response and helps us to maintain healthy muscles, joints and nervous system.

So why dont we do more??

And im not just talking about exercise. Just movement. Getting up and down from your chair, walking, reaching overhead, balancing …. The list can go on.

Sometimes pain is factor but often you can change the way you do something and all of a sudden the pain starts to be reduced.

And once you start to move more your body can respond in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Its about how you can go from sitting to standing without knee or back pain.

Its worth a watch so check it out.

Future videos will be available on our facebook page, our youtube channel and our website.

Enjoy moving better and feeling better.

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