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If you ride a bike and have found yourself concerned with your posture - then read on….

Cycling is a very popular sport - it keeps you fit, it is low impact, fun and gets you outdoors.

As a general rule we see lots of clients who ride their bikes. From mountain bikes, ro...

Ever looked in the mirror and seen that one shoulder is higher then the other?

Sometimes this is a scoliosis - BUT sometimes this is just muscle tightness - like in your lats or QL - or spinal and rib stiffnesses on one side.

When this is the case - a simple stretch lik...

Are you sitting too well?

Sometimes your good intentions are actually causing your back and neck to stiffen up.

Try this simple fix and start feeling the difference straight away.​

So what is the most common mistake?

Instead of using the natural curves of the back to y...

This weeks Move Better Monday is actually more about standing still.

Standing for long periods is often a cause of a lot of peoples aches and pains - especially when it comes to the low back.

These two simple tips have proven themselves crowd favourites among clients ove...