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Sore QL or Lats... This could be the stretch for you

Ever looked in the mirror and seen that one shoulder is higher then the other?

Sometimes this is a scoliosis - BUT sometimes this is just muscle tightness - like in your lats or QL - or spinal and rib stiffnesses on one side.

When this is the case - a simple stretch like the one in the video gives you the chance to open up and stretch out that side of your body and bring back some balance.

What can cause this ???

Well, have you ever laid on your side on the lounge?

With your head propped up high at one end, your mid section sinking into the lounge and then your feet high again at the other end you are creating a C shape bend.

Stay like that for a few episodes on Netflix and is it any wonder that one side might tighten whilst the other side is stretched out??


1. do the stretch as shown.

2. Dont like to stretch? - at least roll over and put your head at the other end of the couch!

For now - enjoy moving better.

Andrew Blyth

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