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Hayfever have you under the weather already?

Hayfever, what a misery.

It makes you want to cry, it drives you crazy and then when you think it has gone some new irritant pops up and it starts again.

We all have irritants (people not included) around us all the time. What happens is that the hayfever sufferer overreacts. More precisely their liver overreacts and keeps releasing histamines even after the irritant crisis is over.

Some symptoms you may get are you will often find that if you are refluxy your system will be very acidic, you may get dermatitis skin issues, turn your cheap jewelry green or wake up with a snotty nose every morning.

Hayfever can be a relatively easy fix. Come in and see me at Body and Spine Solutions to grab some hayfever mix off the shelf or call me on 0437767356 and I can post for you.

If my generic mix does not fix it for you we may need to have a deeper look so give Ash a call on 5310 6259 or book online here for an appointment.

Come in and get yourself some relief and enjoy your Spring and Summer.


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