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Why Herbal Medicine is the answer to the Endometriosis question.

I was watching Australian Story on tv the other night and saw the story about the Yellow Wiggle (Emma).

High achiever, found success, found love and had the world at her feet, then things started to go wrong. She started to menstruate constantly, then no energy (low iron), no stamina and then no life. For some reason Emma thought this was not unusual and goes on with life until she can no longer push through.

Finally Emma got a diagnosis...........................Endometriosis, but this was not much help. Now she knew what it was but the only solutions were:-

1. Go on the contraceptive pill, which may or may not help

2. Surgery (hysterectomy), which is a major surgery and very painful.

The broad diagnosis for the cause of Endometriosis is a hormone imbalance. Herbal Medicine is still the best cure. Mostly you can re-regulate your hormone balance in just a few herbal mixes.

Anxiety, lethargy, bad temper, low iron, low vitamin D, infertility, PMS, excess hair growth, hair falling out and acne are all due to hormone imbalances.

Herbal medicine is the most non invasive, gentle and cheapest solution to all these problems. If it si yourself, your friend or partner or a family member please book in and give it a try. Make the decision to take your life back today. You can make an appointment with Ash on 02 5310 6259 or call me on 0437 767 356

It has gotta be better than doing nothing.

All the best Damian

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