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Is sugar affecting your hormones. What you need to know.

It seems now-days you can't turn the corner without bumping into something or someone talking about endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility or whatever that new term they have for P. M T.

There is a petition to have the government subsidise the cost of exploratory surgery for endometriosis to confirm the diagnosis, there is a seminar every five minutes to tell medical professionals how terrible the problem is.

There is no doubt it's an major issue in our community. I would say it's even worse than that! It's an epidemic. It's having a profound and negative effect on a huge proportion of the population. It's acne, painful periods, over emotionalness, quick temperedness, difficulty falling pregnant, lack of energy, weight gain, menopausal symptoms and it just goes on.

The causes is almost certainly sugar but there may be other factors as well. So first positive advice is STOP EATING SUGAR.

I saw a great show on tree's the other day. they said the best day to plant a tree was 50 years ago or today. It's the same with your health. No point dwelling on what you should have done START TODAY.

The sugar creates a hormone in-balance which creates all the other problems. I'm not going to bore everyone with the details. My main point is all these conditions are in the same "family" of conditions.

Now the good news is that these conditions respond to herbs. Medically the options are the pill or hysterectomy, neither ideal solutions. A simple herbal regime might make the conditions disappear. I can't and won't make rash claims but I'd be surprised if we can't make major improvements or better.

It's easy to come and find out. You can give Ash a call on 5310 6259 or book online at www.bodyandspinesolutions.com.au



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