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Do you know someone with a Frozen Shoulder

Since its shoulder health month, it would be remiss of me to not mention frozen shoulders (or adhesive capsulitis).

Frozen shoulder is a condition where a shoulder becomes very painful and then gradually starts to lose its range of motion before it finally “freezes” up. When I say frozen, it has VERY little movement in all directions and cannot be moved either by the person or someone else. It’s stuck.

So imagine not being able to use your arm to:

Put on your seat belt

Do your hair

Put clothes on the clothesline.

Dress yourself

Or wipe your bottom.

As you can see, it is greatly debilitating with the average time of a shoulder being frozen being 2.5 YEARS before they unfreeze. Whilst there are some treatments that can somewhat reduce the pain such as hydroxylation of the shoulder capsule, there are not many treatments that can restore the range of motion.

Lucky I know one….

Niel-Asher Technique (NAT) for frozen shoulder.

I am the only practitioner of NAT Frozen Shoulder technique in the Central West and have been personally taught by Simeon Niel-Asher.

NAT for frozen shoulder is a manual therapy technique where frozen shoulder is thought of as a neurological holding pattern. The technique is a process where the priorities are to:

1.Eliminate the pain in the shoulder (especially “night pain”)

2.Restore the movement in the shoulder.

If you know anyone with a frozen shoulder, trust me in saying they would be VERY interested in this non-invasive technique.

Give Ash at call at Body and Spine Solutions on (02) 5310 6259 or you book online at our website www.bodyandspinesolutions.com.au/online-booking

Yours in Shoulder Health


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