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Myotherapy - More than just a big toolbox

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Even though I treat everyone, I probably consider myself as a sport- based therapist. I suppose it comes with the territory as a lover of most sports: both as a spectator and participant. It is this passion that feeds my drive to help people who are pursuing an active lifestyle.

So, What Does Myotherapy have to do with Sport?

Myotherapy is defined as the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Largely based in Victoria, “Myos” usually exist in 2 paths of specialisation: chronic pain management and sport/performance/functional movement.

Myotherapist's are part of every major sporting team with Victoria along with sports physicians, physiotherapists, exercise scientists, chiropractors and other health professionals. They are an important liaison between these health professionals and providing the “hands on” therapies within the Western Health model.

Why me you ask?

I am mainly involved with the sport and active lifestyle. Having completed further studies in sports medicine and functional movement, my current studies are furthering my corrective exercise knowledge and application.

Skilled in trigger point dry needling, cupping, sports taping (both rigid and kinesiology) and great massage technique, our treatment range is vast. The treatments I provide range from sports massage and remedial massage for that performance “tune up” all the way through to more complex injury rehabilitation solutions.

As "Myos" it is important to note that we have a large “treatment toolbox” but more importantly spend a lot of time learning clinical assessment and testing. After all I need to know what “tool” is safe and is the best before we use it.

Sound Great?

Great! Simply book in with Ash on (02) 5310 6259, or book online at the Body and Spine Solutions portal at www.centralwestmyo.com.au/contact-us

Cheers and Good Luck in Sport.


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