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Flu season tips

You hear people say the cold and flu season is upon us but in reality it's always around , we are just more susceptible when the weather cools off. Your grandmother has probably said as you rushed outside " put on a coat or you'll get a chill", and as usual she was right.

Chills are bad for us but they are not the whole reason we get colds and flu. ( I tend to say the flu when I mean a cold as well. We all do this and there is a difference but for our purposes we are using the term interchangeably ). So some quick tips are: -

1. Stay warm and don't stand around in the cold underdressed ,it does increase your susceptibility.

2. Eat well. Nature provides the high vitamin C foods at the right time of year. Fresh green vegetables and citrus boost our immunity as well as things like rosehip tea, a terrific energy booster at any time and very high in vitamin C. Build these into your diet.

3. If you do get sick stop rest have a day in bed if you need to (IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD). Ever wondered why the government and employers promote the flu shot . It is not because it's good for you, builds your immunity or protects the rest of the community it's because it keeps you at work.

When I make a herbal mix I don't like it to be to have to many components. I like to target the bodies process that's going wrong and work on that. The trouble with that is sometimes you need to address the symptoms as well at the same time ( no need to suffer any more than we have to).

With the herbal Family Flu Mix I make it more broad spectrum than most other mixes because there is more than one type of cold/flu and multiple symptoms.

The flu mix contains GARLIC (antibiotic and anti viral in it's action) , it's probably in every cold and flu mix you have ever seen, that's because it works. ROSEHIPS are the biggest blast of vitamin C you can get ,so naturally it's in. (Vitamin C boosts immunity). HORSERADISH sooth's the irritated mucous membranes and therefore relieves the coughing and sneezing, LIQUORICE clears out the lungs and helps depleted adrenal glands, allowing you to feel more energetic. There are are a lot more components including ECHINACEA, THYME and OLIVE LEAF.

They all have there own purpose and work together really well. I don't really want to detail every herb and it's action due to time, space and intellectual property considerations.

I take a dropper full every day as a preventative but if I get it I take six to eight droppers full a day. It's easy to take in water and suitable for the whole family (Kids take to it easily) $40 per 100ml. I also highly recommend the honey and lemon juice in hot water treatment as well in conjunction with the flu mix.

As always if you need any more advice give Ash a call on 5310 6259 or jump online at www.bodyandspinesolutions.com.au

All the best Damian

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