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Simple tips to sitting with less aches and pains.

Everyone knows that sitting for long periods just does not do us alot of good. You get tight in the muscles of the hips and back, your shoulders and neck often stiffen up, and if you are like one of the many office workers I get to see you may even find a dull headache creeping in at the end of the day.

But sitting is not going anywhere - You sit for breakfast, you sit on the toilet, you sit in your car on the way to work, you sit at work, you sit as you have coffee for morning tea, at lunch and at dinner, you sit on the exercise bike, the rowing machine, you sit at the movies..... You get the idea.

So how about trying to make sitting easier on your body!!

This weeks "Move Better Mondays" video is all about the most basic approach to using a lumbar support to improve your sitting posture. It helps reduce back pain, improves upper back and neck position and even makes you breathe easier.

When you watch the short video you will see it is as easy as using a small cylinder type shape back support to prop up the natural curve of the low back, ( with just a few other subtle things to watch out for).

You can easily use a rolled up towel, or even a jumper if you have to - to turn an uncomfortable chair into something much better to sit on.

You will need to learn to trust your body to hold itself up once supported as many people often make the mistake of trying to be to good in the way they sit.

That is the topic of next weeks video so follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be alerted to the next instalment of Move Better Mondays.

Until then try this simple sitting trick


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