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McGill Curl up

Today our Move Better Monday covers the all important way to improve low back stability and strength. If you have back pain you can almost guarantee that someone has told you to strengthen your core. But what does that mean?? There are so many muscles, so many different ways to exercise and some of the core exercises may in fact cause pain.

So here we show you one of our favourite moves that has been advocated for many different types of low back pain and championed by Professor Stuart McGill (not the cricket player by the way).

This Curl up creates an all over bracing strategy of the abdominal region and does so in a way that doesn't overload the lumbar discs. It should be difficult but not painful - and you want to focus on quality of motion - not how far you move.

This is a longer video - about 4 minutes - but it is worth getting right.

We hope you are enjoying our ever expanding video collection - we certainly are enjoying making them. Stay tuned in the future for acupuncture demonstrations and further info on hip mobility and self releases.

Enjoy moving better.....

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