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Roll your feet

This is how we Roll.......our feet.

In this video we want to show you a way to stretch, mobilise and strengthen your feet.

This great routine is so simple to do that you will love doing it and your feet will end up loving it too.

All you need is a foot and a ball (you can start with a soft squishy ball fist - but a hard rubber ball is my favourite).

It may be a little sore at first - and challenging - especially getting the toes to bend upwards and stretch ....... but with time you can notice how the foot adapts and starts to feel much better.

For some people starting to strengthen the foot can make it feel almost like it is going to cramp - but you are just waking up those underused muscles and helping to get the foot to actively arch again.

Do yourself a favour and try this more then just once - and watch how things start to change.

Your feet are an important foundation to the rest of your body - and unhappy feet lead to all sorts of negative changes above. For example, if you have knee pain - you may want to start looking at your foot and ankle function .......

Enjoy the video and give it a go.

If this interests you and you would like to know more, or would like to book an appointment please give Body and Spine Solutions a call on (02) 5310 6259.

Thank you from Andrew and the team at Body and Spine Solutions.

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