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Short Adductor Stretch

Don’t forget the adductors!

Calf muscles, glutes, quads.

They all get a great deal of attention in cycling and with good reason. As the main muscles involved with the running stride, their contribution can never be overlooked. But what about the adductors?

The adductors

The adductor comprise of 5 or 6 muscles on the upper inside of our legs.

Main strength activities are to bring the leg from a sideways positioning of out to in. Main endurance activities are to play a supporting role when the leg is traveling forwards and back by keeping it in a stable plane of motion.

So Why is this Important?

Tight or shortened adductors can certainly wreak havoc with the cycling motion. Firstly, this tightness can inhibit the glutes (especially gluteus medius) which are important in leg extension power and bike stability. The other major influence can be an increased risk factor in knee pain.

So how treat the adductors?

Massage, Cupping and Needling are all effective in reducing the tonus of these muscles. Stretching is effective in most cases as well as practitioner directed stretching.

Reducing the adductors tonus can sometimes be enough to “turn on the glutes”. However, when patterns have been established for a while, simple glute activation activities.

So how do we stretch our adductors?

I like to separate them into two different stretches. One for the shorter adductor group (and a bit of the groin) and the other for the longer adductors….

For any other advice or to book an appointment check us out on line or give us a call on 5310 6259.

Until then then keep moving.


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