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The Chin Tuck

Neck Pain. This simple Chin Tuck move may be your next favourite thing.

Here we want to show you a simple movement that can both ease neck pain and tension as well as strengthen some often neglected muscles of the neck.

It isn't the most glamorous of exercises - but the Chin Tuck is a simple easy to repeat exercise that you can do through your day.

It acts as a way to lengthen the back of the neck, open up the gap between the back of the skull and the neck that we often feel tight in...... as well as engaging the muscles of the front of the neck that often become weak with poor posture.

It is a quick and easy go to exercise.

If you are watching to the end of the full video you will see a little trick to try that will show you one of the benefits of having less forward head posture - try it for yourself and see how much easier it becomes to turn your head.

Feel free to share this with your friends or let us know if you are enjoying our little tips and exercises.

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