}, The long and short of stretching the adductors
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October 18, 2018

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The long and short of stretching the adductors

March 27, 2018


If you feel tight in the hips and even in your hamstrings  - you sometimes need to be paying more attention to the Adductor group of muscles.


One of the big adductor muscles - Adductor Magnus (I think it sounds like a comic book superhero name) - actually can act like a hamstring, so for some people that tension in the hamstring actually needs to be stretched differently.


If you run, are a cyclist, do squats or leg presses regularly - or are just generally inactive and stiff - these are an easy and safe introduction to stretching that can make a big difference to your function and your mobility.


So here is how to do it - once again showed by Ian Fischer - the myotherapist at Body and Spine Solutions.


If you missed the short adductor stretch from last week see following link 




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