}, The ABC's of the ITB
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October 18, 2018

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 Iliotibial band syndrome ITBS


The iliotibial band ITB is the long ligament that runs from the hip to the knee, it is designed to help stabalise the knee and aid in movement. If there is a problem with the ITB, the knee on movement will be extremely painful (especially running). The symptoms are sharp burning pain on the lateral side of knee, swelling of knee. Pain on bending knee.


How you can diagnose ITBS?


How to diagnose ITBS, you can bend your knee 45 degree angle and if it produces pain on the lateral (outside) side of knee you have a problem. You can have a MRI performed and this will show a thickening of the band which is from the inflammation.


Why does it happen?


Any movement that makes the leg turn inwards. Running in worn out shoes, not having proper support for arches. Running on angled surfaces (like the side of the road), running downhill, if you run the same direction on a track even putting a lot of kilometres on your feet. Women tend to be more prone due to there hips tilt in a way that creates the knee to turn in. Weak core, hip, gluteal muscles and inner quadricep muscles, The band where it attaches to  the knee narrows and travels over bone of the knee, this can rub and create inflammation.


What can be done to prevent ITBS?