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How a Functional Movement Screen can improve your form.

October 18, 2018

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QL Hula Hoops

Move Better Monday is today about a muscle in your low back that can often be a problem, yet is crucial in keeping you moving well. The Quadratus Lumborum - or the QL - is an important stabilizer of the low back and pelvis. We use it every time we we take a step, and when you carry something it helps stop you from collapsing to the side.

I see a lot of problems that occur with muscle in people with low back pain and postural issues - so perhaps this simple stretch and mobilizer of the low back is worth giving a go.



I also use this as a quick check to how my back is going. Some days i do this stretch and hardly feel a thing - then on other days it is completely different and makes me pay attention to what is going on - even in the absence of other signs of pain.


Try it for yourself.

Andrew and the team.

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