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Gluteus Minimus

This is the smallest of the gluteus muscles and it sits beneath the gluteus medius.

It is a fan shaped muscle that is attached to the arch of the hip on the inside and around to the greater sciatic notch, the muscle forms into a tendon and is attached to the front border of the thigh bone.

Surrounding structures

There is a bursa that acts as a cushion between the tendon and the thigh bone, this at times can become inflamed. Between the gluteus medius and minimus are deep blood vessels and the superior gluteal nerve. When compressed this can create pseudo sciatic pain.

Why is it important?

This muscle abducts (moves leg away from body) the thigh, when the leg is extended and is used when we stand on one leg – imagine how strong ballerinas must be to Fouette.

The front fibres of this muscle can draw the top of the thigh forward rotating the thigh inwards – this is assisted by the TFL (tensor fasciae latae)

What happens with injury?

When this muscle is injured it reduces the ability to abduct the leg making us walk with an abnormal gait. If you have trouble and pain when getting out of a chair or standing straight after driving this muscle could be responsible. The trigger points for this muscle are just on the inside of the hip curve and on the side of your hip about a hand span up from the ball joint of hip.


To stretch this G. Minimus sit with left leg straight and bottom of right foot against the inner thigh. Then forward with a straight spine and tilt chin down, try and keep your pelvis square and repeat on opposite side.

What else can be done to help?

Massage and Acupuncture will help this muscle when it is injured. The massage techniques would be varied depending on how acute and what type of injury occurred. At Body and spine Solutions we use a mixture of remedial, deep tissue massage, myotherapy and myofascial treatments, trigger point therapy, and cupping.

So don’t waste time being sore and sorry start your treatment plan today

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