}, Hips........“A jump to the left“ can leave you hobbling to the right
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October 18, 2018

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Hips........"A jump to the left" can leave you hobbling to the right

August 24, 2017

Hip joint pathologies are a common complaint that I see in clinic.  True hip pain can be quite debilitating. Walking, climbing stairs and even doing your shoelaces up can be an exercise in patience and futility.


So what is the hip, and what are common hip injuries or soreness that can plague your sport or day-to-day activities? How can we treat them?  How can we get back to doing what we love to do?


  The Hip (Femoral Acetabular) Joint


As most of you know the hip joint is a ball and socket joint, where head of the femur (the “ball”) fit into a concave surface on the side of the pelvis called the acetabulum.  It is quite complex in terms of muscles that cross over the joint.  These muscles serve two fundamental purposes: enabling stability for high loads of weight bearing exercise and allowing proper movement and flexibility needed for that exercise.


Hip Problems…. The list is long but not                    so distinguished.


We can usually divide our hip pain into 2 areas: factors causing pain from inside the hip capsule and factors outside the capsule.


             Intracapsular (inside the capsule)

The most common issues contributing to hip pain are either an abnormality in the structu