}, Whats gone A..wry?
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October 18, 2018

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Whats gone A..wry?

July 11, 2017

Wry neck, torticollis or simply a neck that cannot move and feels locked in place. 

There is a torticollis that is present from birth (congenital) but today I will be discussing wry neck that suddenly appears.


What is wry neck


Wry neck is where your head tilts to one side at an angle or your head is turned to a side and is extremely painful to straighten or turn to opposite side. The neck will feel locked into this position, usually it is not painful to move further into the locked position but painful to move head to the correct position.


 Chinese Medicine


We see this as a form of stagnation, meaning that the muscles, ligaments have seized or spasmed and is restricting the blood flow to the area, this creates the pain. It can be viewed in three categories

1. External pathogen attack (i.e you slept with the window open and have gotten a chill) this is a sudden onset.        

2. Weak constitution, this is for the patients that have frequent wry necks so we would need to also treat the underlying cause of deficiency to stop further attacks.

3. Poor blood circulation, this is simply the soft tissue around the neck and upper shoulders have restricted the blood flow (think about all those tight neck and shoulders we now have due to technology and poor posture)


         Western Medicine