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Do you walk with your feet turned out? 

Perhaps you don't even know you are doing it  -  so take a look or ask a friend to watch you walk.

Sometimes you see it so much that you think it is normal - but it isn't and it is causing you to increase the load and stress o...

Don't hurt your back by doing hip stretches incorrectly. Control of your low back and pelvis position is required to keep you back safe and free from pain. We show you how

Experienced pain in the forearm or elbow? Check out this explanation of what is going on and a few simple strategies to relieve your pain

Unlucky enough to regularly feel a weird pins and needles sensation in your arm or hand - pay attention to when and where it happens, and where the pain goes.

Did you know that your scapula only has one bony attachment to the rest of your skeleton - and that is your collar bone. Now if you think about the amount of weight, pressure and strength your arm can create - that collar bone just doesn't seem big enough to handle the...

June 26, 2018

Your glutes are in fact a group of three muscles - each with a slightly different role - but all of them are important in keeping you feeling better, performing better and looking better.

They aren’t just there to look good in jeans!

Reason 1: The feel better factor.