Carpal tunnel can be very painful, creating numbness, burning, tingling in the hand (not in the small finger). Loss of grip strength and a heavy swollen feeling in the hand. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the narrowing of the bony passageway which compresses the median nerv...

Ongoing Case Study


Pain started about three months ago in the epicondyle of the humerus. Epicondyle is the rounded part of the end of the humerus, it is where tendons attach, when your arm is bent it is on the outside of the elbow.

The pain radiated towards the fi...

Medial and Lateral Collateral Ligaments (MCL &LCL)

The MCL is along the inside of the knee and prevents the knee bending in, the LCL is on the outside of the knee and prevents the knee bending out.

The MCL and LCL can be either sprained or torn, this happens when there...


Prevents the anterior tibial translation (change in position) and rotation loads both medial and lateral. 

Where is it?

The ACL crosses infront of the knee as you can see in the diagrams.

Common Injuries

ACL injury is a common for athletes. Usually seen in sports w...

The knee has a lot of ligaments (bone to bone attachments), to help stabilise and give greater range of motion.

I will talk about the Tibiofemoral joint of the knee. This joint is a modified hinge synovial joint, which means that it has a hinge movement (like a gate) bu...


This muscle is a triangle shape muscle that sits on top of your shoulder blade and inserts on the top of the arm. Infraspinatus externally rotates the shoulder joint. Helps with shoulder extension and stabilisation. It is apart of the rotator cuff muscle a...

Introducing the QL Muscle

What is QL?

QL or quadratus lumborum is a muscle that is deep within the abdomen and is either side of the spine. Think core muscles.

The QL helps with stabilisation and movement of the spine and pelvis. If you flex this muscle on one side your b...

What is happening to your body.

When you are faced with a period of stress your body will release a rush of hormones that elevate your heart rate (to out run that cheetah) boost blood pressure (your heart will beat faster and your blood vessels will narrow), stops diges...

Iliotibial band syndrome ITBS

The iliotibial band ITB is the long ligament that runs from the hip to the knee, it is designed to help stabalise the knee and aid in movement. If there is a problem with the ITB, the knee on movement will be extremely painful (especially r...

Our bodies need water, every cell, organ and tissue needs water to function. The amount will vary depending on each persons build and how you use your body and the environment.

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