I think most of you have heard of sciatica and the sciatic nerve and how it can affect the way your everyday life. It is after all the most common nerve pain complaints that I would see affecting the lower back and legs, but it's certainly not the only one. Sciatic pai...

Since its shoulder health month, it would be remiss of me to not mention frozen shoulders (or adhesive capsulitis). 

Frozen shoulder is a condition where a shoulder becomes very painful and then gradually starts to lose its range of motion before it finally “freezes” u...

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Even though I treat everyone, I probably consider myself as a sport- based therapist. I suppose it comes with the territory as a lover of most sports: both as a spectator and participant.  It is this passion that feeds my drive to help people who are pursuin...

Don’t forget the adductors!

Calf muscles, glutes, quads. 

They all get a great deal of attention in cycling and with good reason.  As the main muscles involved with the running stride, their contribution can never be overlooked.  But what about the adductors?

The ad...

Here is a great stretch for those runners with sore arches or stiff feet. I find this is a great stretch to help them out.

It is a nice easy one to do that can be done as you are watching tv in the lounge room and you only need to repeat 2-3 times.

Hope this quick stretc...

Most people that know me realise that when it comes to distance running and training, I can talk for hours!  From the long run, tempos and interval training to the famous coaching principles of Stampfl, Lyddiard, Clohessy, Telford and Wardlaw, I have learned a lot over...

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How a Functional Movement Screen can improve your form.

October 18, 2018

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