Hayfever, what a misery.

It makes you want to cry, it drives you crazy and then when you think it has gone some new irritant pops up and it starts again.

We all have irritants (people not included) around us all the time. What happens is that the hayfever sufferer overr...

I was watching Australian Story on tv the other night and saw the story about the Yellow Wiggle (Emma).

High achiever, found success, found love and had the world at her feet, then things started to go wrong. She started to menstruate constantly, then no energy (low iro...

It seems now-days you can't turn the corner without bumping into something or someone talking about endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility or whatever that new term they have for P. M T.

There is a petition to have the government subsidise the cost of...

You hear people say the cold and flu season is upon us but in reality it's always around , we are just more susceptible when the weather cools off. Your grandmother has probably said as you rushed outside " put on a coat or you'll get a chill", and as usual she was rig...

Some thoughts on Running.

Remember when you were a kid and you ran everywhere without giving it a second thought. It's further back for some of us than others but you were able to do it. When i returned to running later in life after a long break, I did it the stupid wa...

The answer could be CANKLES!

The reason we have a lack of definition in the shape of our ankles is because of the excessive retention of fluids in our body. The ankles, which are the most pronounced are due to gravity

(The fluid gathers at the low point).

There are a few...

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October 18, 2018

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